• Heubach Group

    We share the passion about innovation, customer care, sustainable business practices, environmental protection and quality for more than 600 years now.

  • History

    The roots of the family company stretch back to the 14th century. In the beginning the Heubachs first manufactured decorative glassware, then porcelain. In 1806 they founded the Goslarer Farbenfabrik facility and became one of the first ever manufacturers of pigments.

  • Heubach India

    Heubach India was founded in 1995 in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Based on our many years of experience and extensive knowledge as an Independent, Globally Active Pigment Specialist we provide a wide range of High Quality Inorganic and Organic Colour Pigments, Anticorrosives Pigments and Pigment Preparations.

  • News & Events

    Latest news, press releases, trade fairs and events - you'll find all the latest info on the Heubach Group here

  • Milestones

    Heubach Group's 7-year growth plan "Pigment 2000" begins from 1995.

  • Quality

    For Heubach quality standards are about meeting our customers’ wishes, the interests of our employees, complying with laws and regulations and concern for the environment.

  • Facilities

    Organic Pigments and Pigment Preparations

  • Distribution Network

    heubach distributors are mostly in every continents

  • Vision

    Where people use the best technology to manufacture the highest quality of pigments and preparations to bring value to our customers.Where manufacturing is done in the most responsible manner using sustainability in product development and production.

  • Products

    In our pigment overview you will find everything you need for brilliant colors: A large portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments, pigment preparations and anticorrosive pigments from a single source.

  • Pigment Finder

    Find the right pigment for your application

  • Organic Pigments

    A full color range of high-performance organic pigments is the result of our highly successful R&D programmes of the recent past.

  • Inorganic Pigments

    We are offering a full range of complex inorganic color pigments, which is, to date, the most stable class of pigments developed by the color industry.

  • Anticorrosives

    Heubach initiated the replacement of carcinogenic chrome-based anticorrosives and became the world market leader in this field.

  • Pigment Preparations

    Pigment Preparations Heubach connects manufacturing with global access for high-performance pigments and downstream processing into preparations for Plastics, Coatings and Speciality Inks. The backwards integration into organic and inorganic pigments allows for a more economic and quality controlled manufacturing of pigment preparations.

  • Dustmeter

    The Heubach Dustmeter is a monitoring/feedback device designed to help control the dust properties of bulks, powders, granules, seeds and fibers, with the unique ability to simulate an array of different handling scenarios by using different measuring methods, all within one single device.

  • Services

    At Heubach, customer satisfaction comes first. As a supplier of high-quality pigment and pigment preparation solutions we support our customers with tailor-made technical and consulting support.

  • Applications

    Heubach provides high-performance pigments and pigment preparations for a wide range of applications. Discover our pigments for paints and coatings, for plastics and building materials, our anticorrosive pigments for steel coatings, our color pastes and pigment concentrates for tinting systems and more – all specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Paints and Coatings

    Brilliant durable colors are engineered. Our high-performance organic and inorganic pigments for coatings and paints not only show objects in their best light, but also withstand the toughest demands. Learn more about our solutions for the paints and coatings industry.

  • Corrosion Protection

    As the market leader, Heubach offers you a wide range of universal anti-corrosive pigments – sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions that significantly extend the life of steel and reduce costs over the long term.

  • Colorants, Tinting Systems

    Mix high-quality paints – Heubach pigment preparations and pastes are the result of years of expertise and innovation. Benefit from a wide selection of pigment pastes and pigment concentrates that really pay off when it comes to in-house mixing applications and point-of-sale toning.

  • customised Pigment Preparations

    With globally active production facilities and service centers, Heubach is able to develop pigment preparations which suit its customers’ specific needs.

  • Plastics

    Looking for high-quality organic and inorganic color solutions as well as pigments for plastics? Look no further: Heubach has a wide range of products for coloring PVC pipes, PVC window profiles, vinyl coverings, gutters, roof profiles as well as fibres, films, sheets, machine cladding and technical profiles of all common thermoplastic materials efficiently.

  • Printing Inks

    Modern printing demands flexible high-quality solutions. Our organic and inorganic pigments and pigment preparations for offset, flexoprint and packaging applications are ideal for solvent or water based inks.

  • Construction

    Where high demands are made on the appearance and durability of construction materials, the right kind of pigments are required.

  • Coloration of Paper, Seeds, Viscose and Latex

    Coloring paper, seed, latex or viscose places special demands on the pigment or the pigment preparation. Heubach products meet these demands while doing their best to support the essential product features.

  • Careers

    We're looking for creative forward-looking individuals to help us reach our goals

  • Working at Heubach

    You want to do an apprenticeship, gather practical experience while studying, start a career after graduating or apply your professional expertise to a new challenge? Heubach could be just right for you!

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  • Contact Us

    With a global team of expert technical personnel, our long-term partners and a worldwide sales and distribution network, we provide on-site support to our customers, including individual technical consultancy, short delivery times, tailored warehousing and customized solutions.

  • Downloads

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  • Sustainability & Compliance

    Heubach Colour Pvt. Ltd. has implemented sustainability and green chemistry in every aspect of its business.

  • Sustainability
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