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Heubach India was founded in 1995 in Ankleshwar, Gujarat. Based on our many years of experience and extensive knowledge as an Independent, Globally Active Pigment Specialist we provide a wide range of High Quality Inorganic and Organic Colour Pigments, Anticorrosives Pigments and Pigment Preparations.

Heubach India, manufactures Phthalocyanines, HPP Reds, Yellows and DPP/QA’s Pigments across three full-scale units. We have Global Scale Capacities with a Full Range of the Organic and Inorganic Pigment Portfolio which, makes us amongst the Top Producers in the world. We have dedicated R&D Centers, Application and Analytical Labs for development of Organic & Inorganic Pigments preparations and preparations for applications in Paints, Inks and Plastics Industries, as well as in Niche Applications like Automotive Paints, Digital Printing and Colour Filters.

Formulating Value with HEUBACH.

Organic Pigments

High-Performance Organic Pigments for Fascinating Colours MONOLITETM/MONASTRALTM & VYNAMONTM & HEUCO®

A 210-year history of expertise in pigment production combined with ongoing innovations has enabled the outstanding growth of the Heubach group in the last few decades. After the start up of Heubach’s first Indian plant for the production of Phthalocyanine Green pigments in 1995 the second factory for Phthalocyanine Blues followed in 1999. The operation for Indanthrone Blue and brominated Phthalocyanine Green was started in 2001.

The construction of two new state-of-the art plants for the production of high-performance organic pigments was finalized in 2006 enabling the expansion of the organic pigment product portfolio with high performance red, orange and yellow pigments. In 2012 a plant for the production of Indanthron blue crude was opened. Representing backward integration, this substantial investment ensures the quality of Indanthron blue pigments. Heubach is the only manufacturer that produces both the basic product crude as well as the pigment.

Today Heubach’s high-performance organic pigment portfolio is comprised of Phthalocyanine Blues and Greens, Azo Yellows, Oranges and Reds, Indanthrone Blues, Anthanthrone, DPP and Quinacridone Reds.

Heuco®Pigments for Printing Inks. Heuco®Pigments for Printing Inks.open_in_new
Monolite and MonastralPigments for Coatings. Monolite and MonastralPigments for Coatings. open_in_new
VynamonPigments for plastics. VynamonPigments for plastics. open_in_new

Ravi Kapoor
Managing Director

Heubach india part of the global heubach group of companies was born in 1994 and started production in 1995 , what was started as a humble project has evolved into a vibrant company which is one of the leading producers of organic pigments in the world today...

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Milestones – Heubach India

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The milestones of Heubach India


Whether its research or production, every facility within the Heubach group meet the same exacting standards and conform to relevant international certifications.

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