Team Heubach

Developing a team-oriented organization is considered of paramount importance to create a culture that essentially values and recognizes collaboration as a key to success. At Heubach, the teamwork environment emphasizes that all people are on board the decision making and implantation process for a full identification with the actions. It is also accepted that each person’s strength needs to be exploited and the weakness spread thin.

Inclusion is about creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and respected. It means that all individuals enjoy a sense of belonging and level of support that allows us to do give their best. Our employees believe and assimilate that “No one of us is as good as all of us together” Cross training employees is one of the areas of concentration in building team spirit and a team oriented organization.

Focus on solving real work issues: Improving the business processes and provision of a systematic competency based employee training which helps its teams to spend most of its energy on projects involving team effort which would be more productive than the individual efforts. Involvement and Engagement of Employees through regular Team based initiatives like our initiative An hour with HR / Knowledge centre / Responsible care / Corporate Social Responsibilities and EHS initiatives and overall a clear statement of the focus and priority areas for the better understanding of the employees.

Fun at work: At Heubach, we endeavour to create an atmosphere where it is fun to come to work rather than a chore. This is done by close interaction of all team members in various activities which are not only work related but personality development, skill enhancement , motivational projects and of course sports activities which are very much looked after. Our inter department cricket tournament is closely contested and a huge annual event. At Heubach Colour, we share in the global responsibility for protecting and preserving our environment today and for future generations by not only creating energy efficient products, but also by practicing good environmental stewardship.