Heucoplast EZ – Plastic Flushes

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Heucoplast preparations are pre-dispersed pigments for plastics colouration. Advantages of using Heucoplast preparations:

Optimum colour yield and dispersion – low filter value
Excellent processability, increased output and lower requirement of energy
High chroma
Free flowing and Low dusting
Low downtime - easy to clean

The Heucoplast EZ preparations are flushed pigments based on Polyolefinic carriers. These pigments offer excellent dispersion and low filter values. They are recommended for colouration of plastic films, fibres and thin injection mouldings applications.

Full Shade
Heubach Name
Colour Index
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Heucoplast EZ RED 122 P
P.R. 122
Heucoplast EZ RED 122 G-PE
P.R. 122
Heucoplast EZ Red 254 P
P.R. 254
Heucoplast EZ Red 254 G-PE
P.R. 254
Heucoplast EZ Blue 15:1 P
P.B. 15:1
Heucoplast EZ Blue 15:1 G-PE
P.B. 15:1
Heucoplast EZ Blue 15:3 P
P.B. 15:3
Heucoplast EZ Blue 15:3 G-PE
P.B. 15:3
Heucoplast EZ Green 7 P
P.G. 7
Heucoplast EZ Green 7 G-PE
P.G. 7