Aquis I – Paint Preparations

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AQUIS-I colorants are water based mono pigmented colorants based on a specially designed pigment to surfactant ratio exhibiting a broad degree of compatibility. The pigments used in these pigments preparations allow for complete cover of the colour spectrum without compromising requirements such as opacity, light and weather fastness and colour accuracy.

The highly concentrated AQUIS-I colorants fulfil outstanding colorimetric demands and offer high cost effectiveness. AQUIS-I colorants are stable over a wide range of pH-values.

The AQUIS-I colorants are designed to be used for the colouring of different kinds of water based systems such as decorative coatings, latex and paper mass colouring, seed colouration and colouring of viscose fibres.

Full Shade
Heubach Name
Colour Index
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Aquis I Yellow 100101
P.Y. 1
Aquis I Yellow 100301
P.Y. 3
Aquis I Yellow 107405
P.Y. 74
Aquis I Yellow 108304
P.Y. 83
Aquis I Yellow 115401
P.Y. 154
Aquis I Orange 200503
P.O. 5
Aquis I Red 311205
P.R. 112
Aquis I Red 312201
P.R. 122
Aquis I Red 317006
P.R. 170
Aquis I Red 325401
P.R. 254
Aquis I Violet 401901
P.V. 19
Aquis I Violet 402305
P.V. 23
Aquis I Blue 501501
P.B. 15:0
Aquis I Blue 501503
P.B. 15:0
Aquis I Blue 515303
P.B. 15:3
Aquis I Green 600734
P.G. 7