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Heucojet is a finely dispersed high performance pigment dispersion specially developed for wide format (WF) aqueous inkjet ink applications.

Binder free; compatible with acrylic resins and PVC emulsions
Excellent Stability
Optimized particle size distribution
Sub-micron particle size
Rheological stability
High chroma and UV Stability
Full Shade
Heubach Name
Colour Index
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Heucojet Yellow 107401 W
P.Y. 74
Heucojet Yellow 115501 W
P.Y. 155
Heucojet Magenta 312201 W
P.R. 122
Heucojet Cyan 515303 W
P.B. 15:3
Heucojet Green 600734 W
P.G. 7
Heucojet Black 700701 W
P.Blk. 7