Monolite® TR

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Monolite® TR Pigment Preparations are based on encapsulation of fine particles of organic pigments, suitable for colouring of metallic base coats in base coat / clear coat systems for two and four wheelers due to their purity of colours and high transparency to give an impressive flip-flop effect. These also provide a full tone tailored to meet the Candy Tone requirement of the two wheeler industry. In solid colours (Reds & Yellows) applied on white primers, these provide a finish with excellent opacity, gloss and optical clarity without surface haze.

Full Shade
Heubach Name
Colour Index
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Monolite TR Yellow 301
P.Y. 83
Monolite TR Yellow 901
P.Y. 139
Monolite TR Yellow 401
P.Y. 154
Monolite TR Red 201
P.R. 122
Monolite TR Red 701
P.R. 177
Monolite TR Red 401
P.R. 254
Monolite TR-Red 801
P.R. 254
Monolite TR Blue 360
P.B. 60
Monolite TR Blue 100
P.B. 15:1
Monolite TR Blue 303
P.B. 15:3
Monolite TR Blue 400
P.B. 15:4
Monolite TR Green 734
P.G. 7
Monolite TR Green 736
P.G. 36