Start-up of Heubach Engineering, which installs turnkey plants for metal oxides.

Heubach & Lindgens GmbH is founded by merging the metal chemical activities of the two old family operations Heubach & Lindgens. Founding of Heubach Inc., after the purchase of the pigment business of E. I. DuPont de Nemours in Newark, New Jersey (USA). After this development, the Heubach group is active in both, Europe and America. In less than 4 years, sales are doubled and profits increased by more than tenfold before 1988. Heubach sells the Newark operations to the Cookson group and creates the financial base for further expansions.

Heubach's presence in North America is continued by a new US company, Heucotech Ltd., which is founded in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. This company specializes in coloured pigments and high quality pigment preparations for paints, printing inks and plastics.


Heucotech's 80,000 sq. ft. complex in Fairless Hills, PA., is expanded by a second 60,000 sq. ft. premise.


Formation of Penarroya Oxide S.A., headquartered in Paris. Since 1966, the manufacturing operations in Mexico, are now expanded to Germany, France, Spain and. This 50/50 joint venture combines the metal chemical business of Heubach & Lindgens with that of Metaleurop S.A. As of today, Gotz-Georg Wehling becomes President of Heubach Europe. He restructures the European activities and positions Heubach for the strong growth.


Heubach expands to Asia with foundation of Heubach Colour Ltd. In the Gujarat state of India, a 25 acre site is acquired to build one of the largest organic pigment colour complexes worldwide over a 7 year period. It is the largest single project in Heubach history and is realized under Ravi Kapoor in close cooperation with Heubach Europe.


Heubach group of companies undertakes expansion with foundation of Hangzhou Heubach Pigment Co., Ltd. It complements Heubach Group’s presence in China in order to ensure short delivery times and the utmost in service to global and local customers.