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Heubach has developed a new special range of Pigments for Toner application. These have been specially designed to offer:

Excellent light and weather fastness.
Higher Tinctorial strength and better Chroma.
Optimized particle size distribution.
Good dispersibility.
High purity for best dispersion stability.
Full Shade
Heubach Grade Name
Colour Index
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Vynamon® Yellow 113901 P
P.Y. 139
Vynamon® Yellow 118001
P.Y. 180
Vynamon® Red 312202 P
P.R. 122
Monolite® Red 301901
P.V. 19
Vynamon® Blue 515303 P
P.B. 15:3
Vynamon® Green 600734 P
P.G. 7

* Due to limitation of graphical properties, some slight variations between colours as illustrated may be observed.