Biodiversity Program

Heubach India has initiated several environmental programs which directly affect the health and well-being of its employees, society and its surroundings.

Since 1995, Heubach India has enriched the bio-diversity of the area with an extensive plantation program of local flora and an in-house nursery. The long term plan is to plant enough trees to compensate the CO2 emissions from our production activity with O2 from the tree plantation. At inception, in 1998, the number of plant species on site was around 30. Today, this number has risen to 296 species of trees and plants as a result of the implementation of Heubach’s environment program. The biodiversity program has resulted in planting close to 50000 trees in and around the plant area.
Practicing a positive fall out of the biodiversity plantation program was the increase of bird species spotted in the plant from a meager 2 to 37 species at the Heubach sites.
Heubach India’s employees have also developed a Vermiculture project where the Kitchen waste is treated in a Vermiculture pit to produce high quality compost for its vegetable garden.

According to Mr. Ravi Kapoor, Managing Director, these initiatives, are a logical part of a mandate to set up a pigment manufacturing facility in India with the highest western standards of quality consistency, safety and engineering in an environmentally responsible manner. “Western benchmarking in environmental management is the correct recipe for long term sustainability of pigment manufacturing” he insists.